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"We live on an island of knowledge surrounded by a 

sea of ignorance. As the island of knowledge grows, 

so does the shore of our ignorance." 

—  John Archibald Wheeler

Questions and Answers
Homeowners looking for a quick answer to their HOA questions and/or find a particular state HOA governing law. 

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About HOA's & Their 

Property Management Company's

Board of Directors have a fiduciary duty and have certain powers and responsibilities to govern in good faith to the community in which they are serving and also have individual duties to perform.  Property Managements -the management and administration of common interest communities or developments (also called CIDs), which are generally town-homes, condominiums, homeowner associations or cooperatives. This is much akin to the role of management in any business.


Planned Community 

Governing Laws

Each individual state legislature or government body has their own similar in text governing codes and laws, some are more or less controlling than the other. "Hierarchy of Law and Document Authority", means the higher body of law supersedes the lower body. 


Legal Options

& Website Links

Your legal options,  to local State, Federal Facilities and Attorneys Including facts homeowners should know before entering a lawsuit, mediation or arbitration.  Our recommended websites links will connect you to HOA scholars and professionals. 


Advocate Articles & 


Written by highly respected Scholars,  Attorney's, Professional's, the Homeowners Association Board of Directors,  and their attorneys do not want you to read.  


Advocate Websites &


Websites that best assisted homeowners with information and are highly educational to help keep homeowners up-to-date with key issues.