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Homeowners wanting to change or reverse an HOA ruling or other governing documents, do not go into it blindly, study your HOA governing laws, state statutes and related state corporate laws. If you have not already requested a membership address list from your board, do so, this will become a useful tool during your canvassing for signatures. 

Association homeowners representing 5% or more of the separate interests may call a special meeting of the association membership (homeowners) to add or reverse either an amendment or rule change by a petition.  Make sure the form you draft is legally correct and cannot be invalidated by your Board of Directors or the HOA attorney.

The board then must give notice of a special meeting and send out ballots. The written request may not be delivered more than 30 days after the homeowners are notified of the rule change.  The rule change may be reversed by the votes of a majority or super majority, depending on the type of rule (amendment or rule) of the votes represented and voting at a duly held meeting at which a quorum is present. 

The results of the voting process must be provided to the homeowners within 15 days of the vote.  If an operating rule is reversed, it cannot be re-adopted by the board for at least one year. However, the board may vote on other operating rules covering the same subject.  

Board of Directors having deliberate condescending attitudes and have a self-absorbed belief they are the community landlords will do everything possible to stop your petition, even try and invalidate it.

The most common turned down of petitions are, not being for a lawful purpose or a non-legal petition format. See below sample of a legal formatted petition. Petitions are used in Director Recalls,  changing or removing CC&R's, Operating Reverse Rule changes. Check your "Hierarchy of Laws and Documents" before launching a petition,  the  higher law could trump it. 

Below is a legal sample of a Petition


< NOTE: The purpose of the petition must be contained on each petition circulated for signatures. If the petition's stated purpose is on a separate page, it invalidates the petition because it opens the petition process to misrepresentation and fraud. In addition, the purpose of the petition should be positioned at the top of the page in a font large enough for people to read so people can read it before signing the petition. >

The undersigned members hereby petition the board of directors to set the earliest reasonable date, time and place for a special membership meeting for the purpose of ___________________________________________, and that notice and ballots be sent to the membership as provided for in Corporations Code §7511 and Civil Code §5115.

     Date                                   Signature                                                                                       Print Name and Address                              
_______       ___________________________                      ____________________________________
_______       ___________________________                      ____________________________________
_______       ___________________________                      ____________________________________
_______       ___________________________                      ____________________________________
_______       ___________________________                      ____________________________________