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Homeowners Advocate Group, will take the time to fully understand your  primary objective. This allows us to find the steps that will be most effective and easiest path in forming your community advocacy group.

Even after your advocacy group is up and running, we will provide you with an on going of unlimited support and the access to our multiple levels of support services. 

Homeowners Advocate Group would remain in the background of your advocacy group as in an advisory position, with any of your HOA issues or petition processing, etc. In others words we would be retained by your group, think of us as a group member.





Internet Support

Unlimited Extended Service

Needing information and/or options to starting up an advocacy group, look no more, HOA Board Watch has thirteen plus years of experience assisting homeowners nationwide and will walk you though the steps.

During and after your advocacy group has been running, our associates will be there to answer your questions or to research governing laws..

Will provide assistance in the creation and launching your Community Advocacy Group. With counseling, logistic support needed in the maintenance of your group and addressing issues.

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