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Homeowners Advocate Group,  will take the time to fully understand your situation and primary objective. This allows us to find the solution that will be most effective for you,  not what is the easiest or most common path. 

You will receive an honest assessment of your case, realistic options and experienced representation and if needed,  legal referral options. We will also provide you with the personal touch you need during this difficult time, addressing your concerns and providing support while your case progresses

Be prepared to send copies of article(s) and paragraph(s) of your CC&R's, Community Rules, By-Laws and/or Architectural Guidelines (commonly known as Builders Guidelines) that pertain to your issue. We would then investigate and determine the validity of your issue, then a followup consultation to advise you of your options.


Unlimited Consultation

Looking for information and options to your Homeowners Association issue(s). Homeowners Advocate Group has twelve plus years of experience assisting homeowners nationwide and will walk you though the steps to a resolution.


About HOA's

Board of Directors have a fiduciary duty and have certain powers and responsibilities to govern in good faith to the community in which they are serving and also have individual duties to perform.  Property Managements -the management and administration of common interest communities or developments (also called CIDs), which are generally town-homes, condominiums, homeowner associations or cooperatives. This is much akin to the role of management in any business.


Unlimited Customer Support

& Extended Services

We will provide your community with  assistance in creating community partnership, the installation of your Community Advocacy Group. With unlimited counseling, logistic support needed in the  maintenance of your group and addressing future issues.


Unlimited Researching 

Planned Community 

Governing Laws

Home Owners Associations (HOA's), Planned Unit Developments (PUD's) and Common Interest Developments (CID's) are commonly known and seen as community planned developments. Each individual state legislature or government body has their own similar in text governing codes and laws, some are more or less controlling than the other. Community Board of Directors governs their associations by the incorporated Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's), Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. In of words the "Contract" between the homeowner and the association.



Questions & Answers

Just looking for quick information or a particular State Statue Civil Code, Homeowners Advocate Group will look it up for you.


Legal Options

& Website Links

To local State, Federal Facilities and Attorneys, to assist homeowners with their HOA complaints.  Including facts homeowners should know before entering a lawsuit, mediation or arbitration.


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Articles & 


Written by highly respected Scholars,  Attorney's, Professional's and State Legislature Websites the Homeowner Association Board of Directors and industry attorneys do not want you to read. 



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Let our design team create a  high visibility advocacy worth a second look,   your own Solidarity Clothing,  Posters, Signs, Banners, Mailers. We have Forms, Proxy's and Petitions  that best supports individuals or  groups...

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Browse our store and checkout our in house head turning line of advocacy clothing, we may have what you are looking for in making your statement at your next Board Meeting.